Hi. I am Ruxandra, 
an explorer of the design graphic world.

I see every project as an opportunity to understand people's needs and support them to achieve their goals, through creativity.

For me, graphic design is about human connection.

My creative journey

Connecting the dots backward, I am happy to see that what it may seem a devious 
career path was exactly what I needed to accumulate the right experience.


A trip to a beautiful city in childhood. A vision to design buildings and spaces that enrich people's lives. An inspiring teacher.


I've always loved to observe people. I see human mind and human behaviour as the most fascinating subjects in the universe. It's a never-ending mystery.  

So, how come GRAPHIC DESIGN?

It was like an inner calling since the beginning. And, as I was surprised to read one day,
I was always on the right path, as ...

"A designer is actually a psychologist who can draw."
"It is always a pleasure to work with Ruxandra. Professional, reliable and very fast."
Manish S. - United States

"Perfect designer - attentive and quick turnaround on any project we've had! A++++!"
Alexander M. - Canada
"Ruxandra is so delightful to work with, she provided her work quickly, to a high standard 
and her communication was excellent."
Kirsten H. - Australia

"I admire her performance, high taste, high skill, very beautiful design, fast understanding 
of what is required."
Abdulaziz A. - Saudi Arabia